This is post open, we've seen many escape rooms and had many people come through our escape room.

From our side we want you the customer to have fun! This is number one to us, a unique exsperiance also is important. We consider our escape room as an adventure you can take. We'd like you to take an hour and come play an adventure game with us. 

I have written 9 books... mystery, fantasy, and romance. Written and conducted 4 "Mystery Games" for large community groups. 

History and Time travel has been my interests, now I give you the opportunity to travel with me.

Come travel back into time: Escape Room The Game Fort Collins

into the year of 1922 when David Carter discovered King Tuts Tomb

into the year of 1700 fighting for Blackbeard's Treasure.

Escape Room THE GAME, in FORT COLLINS is the best Game in town. With our added detail it makes you feel like are really there and back in time..